drew lightfoot - dragonette run run run


drew lightfoot is a visual trickster. canadian born and french-speaking, his background as artist, director, visual-effector and animator, grants him the ability to approach each new project with a fresh perspective. drew has worked the world over shooting commercials, tv-shows and feature films as a stop-motion animator. after producing mere minutes after months of animating on feature films, he decided he was ready for the live action realm. drew naturally migrated to animation directing for such globally prolific directors as frank budgen, dougal wilson, johnny green and floria sigismondi. he then realized it was time to firmly grasp the directing reigns himself. lightfoot has since gone on to helm many prominent commercials for major brands such as vw, sony playstation, ikea, bud light and countless more. he has been awarded at the bessies, bdas, liaas, and received two d&ad pencils for his work on big yellow tide and sony bravia’s playdoh bunnies. lightfoot is also well known for his music video direction, such as gusters’ one man wrecking machine, which was awarded best animated video at mvpa. his video for constantines working fulltime was honored with the sxsw music video jury award and his work for kate haynevik s unlike me, won mvpa’s best direction in the adult contemporary genre. with a fervency for all things visually stimulating, he is constantly looking to push the boundaries of visual storytelling - his ideal creative environment merging his passions of live action and visual craftitudes.