andreas ohman - winona oak

As a kid I wanted to be an inventor. Like I was missing something in my life, that I needed to make up. I was shattered and had hard to find my way to be. Living in the rural north of Sweden, I often escaped to fantasies. But then I bought a camera at 14 and started to make films; Inventing stories through the never-ending possibilities in the spectrums of people, photography, music, editing and sound — it was the perfect medium where I could combine my shattered self and become one. I love films and I’ve devoted most of my life to the art, and to refine my style and expression in filmmaking. When I was 25 and made my feature Simple Simon, that got shortlisted for the Oscars, I could’ve just stopped my style there and continue to do the same similar thing. But I didn’t. That recipe was too easy. I needed to explore further. I wanted to learn, and grow, and challenge myself. So I put myself in new difficult situations; I studied improvisation acting in NYC and LA and I started to shoot photos myself. I been directing commercials for big brands like GE, Coca Cola and Mercedes and music videos for world known artists like Tove Lo and Astrid S. I love working with strong women and female heroines, to push for a feministic expression. Whatever I can do to help create a more equal world. I’ve done a lot and feel comfortable doing anything. My style now is somewhat emotional with heart, from a new perspective. I love concepts, and whatever I do, I want to find the right way of making my projects into something new. Something unique. Something to make both your brain and heart beat.