joseph ford - hugo boss

Joseph began his adult life sensibly enough by studying French and Italian at the University of Cambridge and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, then horrified his parents by moving to Paris to be a photographer.  He now directs films and shoots stills and GIFs for clients worldwide who want his inventive approach to off-beat storytelling and conceptual still life. Joseph loves technical challenges. He is happiest when he’s solving problems - a slow-motion crocodile attacking a shoe? Yes please. A zipper merging into a railway line? No problem. Elderly twins in custom-knitted sweaters blending into a Tokyo wall? Perfect. His personal work has won him numerous awards and has inspired films and campaigns for LVMH, Missoni, Lacoste, Shell and many others. Joseph is French/English bilingual. He lives mostly in London and is frequently in Paris.