lisa rubisch - walmart

Lisa Rubisch launched her career at MTV at the exact same time as Nirvana and Beavis and Butthead. There, she wrote and directed many award-winning, memorable spots, particularly the MTV Movie Awards promos starring Samuel L. Jackson and the PSA “Paperdoll” under the Free Your Mind campaign, bringing awareness to negative female stereotypes. Lisa’s work caught the eye of Madonna, who hired her to promote her Girlie Show concert, the Evita film and soundtrack, as well as other promotional projects.She has directed award-winning commercials and music videos for some of the world’s top companies, including Nike, Ikea, Mercedes, Honda, Puma, Coors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bank of America, Chobani and Foster’s Beer to name a few. Most noted for drawing emotional performances from non-actors, Lisa has also worked with a number of celebrity talent, including Elizabeth Moss, Tony Hale, Josh Gad, Taryn Manning, Melonie Diaz and Cindy Crawford. She tried to cast Adam Driver in a Tide commercial just before he was cast in Girls but could not convince the agency, who deeply regret that now. Also a prolific writer, Lisa’s essays have been featured in various anthologies, magazines and blogs, most notably for Conde Nast Traveler, Literary Mama and Joanna Goddard from .