paul deby - les retrouvailles

Paul Deby, better known by his nickname Paulidy, is a French director, Writer and Actor living in Paris. Passionate about the Cinema industry, Paul started at a young age and he has produced and written about 30 short fiction videos, cumulating more than 2 millions views in total and all available on Instagram. During his producing career, Paul directed two short films that has been ranked in the top 50 for the Nikon film festival in France (platform for professionals, enthusiasts to showcase their creative videos abilities) Self-Taught, Paul is an accomplished producer who master several skills, including the writing of original scenarios and videos-editing; Passion that started when he was only 15 year old when he was recording and creating video-highlights of himself and his teammates from their American football matches - from his 1st amateur encounter ever until his enrollment in the National French Team in 2013 (with a Title of National Champion) - He is an avid reader and movies enthusiast, and as any good cliché about Parisian, Paul has a pronounced taste for Luxury and Fashion that leaded him to obtain a Master Degree in that field, in parallel of his passion of directing and producing videos.