petrovic njegos altinai - strictement sur mesure en mesure sans ralentir

Born in France in 1977, Altinaï lives and works in Paris. She trained as a photographer under Laurent Monlaü before obtaining her diploma of fundamental studies in architecture at the École de Paris La Villette. Motivated by her profound love of cinema, she then continued training in scenography (École Jacques Lecocq), acting (Pico Berkowitch), and direction (EICTV, Cuba) before obtaining a Master’s degree from the Studio National des Arts Contemporains in Fresnoy. It was in this last establishment that she directed two short films: L’art de la fugue, which was an official selection in the Locarno Film Festival, and Side by Side, which was shown in several international film festivals. She then directed several short films, among which: Strictement en mesure sans ralentir, Princeza , and Melodic Symphony ... A music-loving movie maker and pianist, her love of music pervades her cinematographic language. A vibrant one-woman-orchestra, Altinaï conceives of, writes, directs and edits, whether alone or as part of a team. At times she ventures before the camera either for her own films or as she did opposite Mathieu Amalric. Her universe is farcical in nature, a genre that she is currently further developing through a modern fairy tale, Unexpected Princess, and a comedy, The Smile, which explores the world of transhumanism from the perspective of dentistry and contemporary music.