magnus härdner - getinge

Magnus is a director who finds humor in the serious and beauty within the details. His ability to recognize and capture these qualities has led to a series of raw, vivid and genuine moments on film. Originally from the Swedish art scene, Magnus Härdner has always been about visual style. Still a painter, he has over two decades of experience in motion picture direction. His dedication and love for the visual arts have taken him from shooting experimental shorts as a kid in his parent's garage to working with major international clients. On the one side, Magnus’ visual approach is unpolished, gritty, spontaneous and close to reality and on the other side you have a highly crafted, stylized and heightened reality. His work is characterized by a strong sense of rhythm where music always plays an important role. Maybe directing over two-hundred music videos and his old “career” as a drummer in countless bands as a teenager has something to do with it?